Eye Eye!

What began as a fanciful idea in my head to create my first piece of bead embroidery has become a two month-long project so far in creating an entire neck-piece. I discovered the art of bead embroidery at the¬†beginning of this year, and was so smitten with the idea that I began dreaming up designsContinue reading “Eye Eye!”

The new love in my life: Bead Embroidered Jewellery

For some time now I have trying to work out a way of combining my passion for producing fine art with my love of making jewellery, not able to dedicate time to both pursuits to a satisfactory point due to general life commitments. Then just a couple of months ago I came across a pieceContinue reading “The new love in my life: Bead Embroidered Jewellery”

Silver Blood

With Celtic Silver and artistry running through my veins and in all genealogical directions, I suppose it was inevitable that I would find myself in amongst the crowds of Pilgrims gathered upon the Praza das Prater√≠as in Santiago de Compostela in 1999, marvelling at the multitudes of tiny shops selling silver not fully comprehending howContinue reading “Silver Blood”