Fossil-stone Medal Brooch

Image and design Copyright Maria Phillips 2013
Image and design Copyright Maria Phillips 2013
Mons Star 1914

One of a kind brooch inspired by WW1 medals and the notion that ‘love conquers all’, specifically based on the colours of the ‘Mons Star’. This piece also expresses my fascination and strong personal connection with European history at that time. This is also a very contemporary piece, in line with the recent military fashion trends, but with a new and unique twist. My intention was to create a piece of conceptual wearable art.

The ribbon is made with high quality Japanese seed beads in a peyote weave. The beautiful and sumptuous dyed red Fossil stone heart is the focus of the piece, with a seed bead and Swarovski crystal red rose signifying true love according to the Victorian fascination with the significance of flowers. A gorgeous and evocative tear-drop Moonstone falls from the heart in remembrance of the power of love regardless of circumstance. The Swarovski crystals encased in a hand crafted Sterling silver pin at the top spell the letter ‘L’ for ‘love’ in morse code in keeping with the military theme. A tiny seed bead bluebell peeks out of the weave of the ribbon in the top corner in the way that nature and time transform the landscape, signifying humility and a consistent reminder that love endures and conquers all.rosetattoo2

The brooch measures approx. 7 cm

This piece has been designed and crafted with a lot of love, and I am very proud of it. My hope is that it finds its soul mate and rightful owner.



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Published by Maria a.k.a. Bess/Ishaiya

I am an artist, photographer, writer, singer-song writer/musician (pianist), Silversmith/Jewellery Designer and Intuitive. I speak various languages. I am currently retired and continuing to be a student of life. I have three children. And generally speaking I am very spiritual - I also have a very sarcastic and sharp sense of humour... I am what I am and my life's challenge is to 'Know Myself' (so far I'm doing ok with that). I also love coffee passionately. There is so much more to me than all of this, so sit back and have a little read and perhaps you'll discover something new, not just about me but about you too ;)!

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