Whispers from Venice – Micro Bracelets (Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus)

Venice inspired Micro-braceletI have been inspired by the wonders of Venice during my recent travels there, and since my return I have been busily creating new pieces of jewellery that reflect the typical traditional colours and styles of one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Europe.

I call these bracelets my ‘Micro Bracelets’, designed to be very delicate and suggestive. Very simple designs with a hint of opulence using only the finest materials and beads. Perfect for those who like their jewellery to be understated, but Il Duomo, Florence, Italysophisticated like a single line statement that speaks volumes.

The above design was inspired by the colours of the dark green and white marble that typifies the grand buildings of Florence, also colours that appear in the traditional masks and costumes of the Venetian masked-balls. The tiny ivory-coloured pomegranate with its golden crown and red flower is another symbol of Venice and the fine craftsmanship that stems particularly from the Jewish Ghetto in Sestiere Di Cannaregio, up in the Northern part of the island city, and where the more opulent jewellery and glass-work was produced for hundreds of years. I love this particular design as it is also close to my own heritage and my own heart.

Pomegranate tree, Giudecca, Venice, ItalyThis design along with others that I will be posting soon, will be available in my online shop. You can also contact me directly for a quote or if you would like a custom piece of jewellery. Just leave me a comment or contact me directly at ishaiya74@yahoo.co.uk.

My Micro-Bracelets currently retail at Β£25.00 not including p+p.


Published by Maria a.k.a. Bess/Ishaiya

I am an artist, writer, photographer and social commentator. Mum, wife, Synaesthete, linguist, cook, ex-musician and philosopher. Not necessarily in that order.

3 thoughts on “Whispers from Venice – Micro Bracelets (Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus)

  1. I like making this kind of jewellery too Ish but just for fun and mine is more silver with charms and then I would give it away to someone that likes it. Most of it went to my oldest son’s girlfriends that came to visit, saw it and then of course, got it. πŸ˜† Great shot and lovely design. πŸ˜€ *hugs*


    1. You are multitalented my friend! πŸ™‚ I feel that I make my jewellery for fun too, lord knows I don’t sell very much of it. For the past few years I have been looking at ways to work from home because of my health issues. I just can’t go out and do a regular job anymore, so my jewellery was a long time in the planning, but I guess I’m just selling to the wrong market.
      Soon I’m going to be studying again with the aim of completing my degree and working as a translator, makes a lot of money and I can do it from home. I really would have liked my jewellery business to take off, but so far it’s been as dead as a dodo!
      Thank you for your compliments though πŸ™‚

      Hugs back


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