Sketches in Oil – Grasses on a Beach

Yesterday I said I would try something a little different, by way of giving myself a break from working on my son’s portrait. Much more impressionistic and looser in style, I decided I would recreate one of my digital paintings in oil. I’ve been wanting to practise painting skies and clouds for some time now,Continue reading “Sketches in Oil – Grasses on a Beach”


I Wiped the Smile off of My Son’s Face – Painting dilemmas.

I quite literally wiped the smile off of my son’s face a couple of days ago – no boys were harmed in the process, however. Thankfully! I wasn’t especially happy with the way my painting of his face was evolving. I think what did it was being taken out of my painting rhythm by theContinue reading “I Wiped the Smile off of My Son’s Face – Painting dilemmas.”

Oh, For the Love of Light! – Oil Painting Issues.

Summers here on the east coast of America tend to be a stormy affair. This equates to poor light levels in what is already a dingy apartment, which means that on days like today, I don’t get much painting done. The interior lights are not adequate to paint by, and so, I have this continuingContinue reading “Oh, For the Love of Light! – Oil Painting Issues.”