Sketches in Oil – Grasses on a Beach

Grasses on a Beach – Oil on canvas, 10×10 in., by Maria Jones-Phillips/MXJP.

Yesterday I said I would try something a little different, by way of giving myself a break from working on my son’s portrait. Much more impressionistic and looser in style, I decided I would recreate one of my digital paintings in oil. I’ve been wanting to practise painting skies and clouds for some time now, as I’ve not done a lot of landscape painting. I do like the effects you can achieve with oil when painting clouds, however, and how diaphanous you make them look just with the flick of a hog hair fan brush.

I was up early enough this morning that I caught the sun hitting the canvas as I snapped a picture – the apartment is like a cave throughout the rest of the day as we face almost due north. At least I like how the painting looks in daylight. It looked very grey-ish/green when I finished painting it yesterday evening, and was worried it would look too vivid by morning.

I might try another one today.

Published by Maria a.k.a. Bess/Ishaiya

I am an artist, photographer, writer, singer-song writer/musician (pianist), Silversmith/Jewellery Designer and Intuitive. I speak various languages. I am currently retired and continuing to be a student of life. I have three children. And generally speaking I am very spiritual - I also have a very sarcastic and sharp sense of humour... I am what I am and my life's challenge is to 'Know Myself' (so far I'm doing ok with that). I also love coffee passionately. There is so much more to me than all of this, so sit back and have a little read and perhaps you'll discover something new, not just about me but about you too ;)!

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