Working in Monochrome.

As an artist I usually prefer to work in colour. However, as with photography, when devising a composition, one of the important questions to ask yourself is: How do I best represent my subject? Sometimes, monochrome is a better fit. Let me explain why. Your subject isn’t just the person or the object you mightContinue reading “Working in Monochrome.”

Sketches in Oil – Grasses on a Beach

Yesterday I said I would try something a little different, by way of giving myself a break from working on my son’s portrait. Much more impressionistic and looser in style, I decided I would recreate one of my digital paintings in oil. I’ve been wanting to practise painting skies and clouds for some time now,Continue reading “Sketches in Oil – Grasses on a Beach”

I Wiped the Smile off of My Son’s Face – Painting dilemmas.

I quite literally wiped the smile off of my son’s face a couple of days ago – no boys were harmed in the process, however. Thankfully! I wasn’t especially happy with the way my painting of his face was evolving. I think what did it was being taken out of my painting rhythm by theContinue reading “I Wiped the Smile off of My Son’s Face – Painting dilemmas.”

Oh, For the Love of Light! – Oil Painting Issues.

Summers here on the east coast of America tend to be a stormy affair. This equates to poor light levels in what is already a dingy apartment, which means that on days like today, I don’t get much painting done. The interior lights are not adequate to paint by, and so, I have this continuingContinue reading “Oh, For the Love of Light! – Oil Painting Issues.”

New Beginnings and Breaking My Hiatus on Oil Painting

Almost exactly two years ago, I broke my almost life-long hiatus from using oil paints. I remember at age 7 I expressed a desire to learn to paint in oils. My Dad was an artist and his medium of choice was oil, so it seemed like a natural progression for me to follow suit. HeContinue reading “New Beginnings and Breaking My Hiatus on Oil Painting”

Piercing is not just for body parts!

One of the skills you are taught as a silversmith, in fact a smith of any kind of fine metal is piercing. Piercing is the term used for removing sections of metal with a very fine tooth saw. It is a very precise practise that takes some learning before you master it. It is theContinue reading “Piercing is not just for body parts!”

Photography tutorial – Photographing Jewellery

I’ve spent the day photographing my latest jewellery creations. It’s not as simple as you think to get a professional shot when you intend for the piece you are photographing to be for commercial purposes. I’m still not sure that I manage it, but given that I don’t have professional lamps and backdrops with whichContinue reading “Photography tutorial – Photographing Jewellery”

Whispers from Venice – Micro Bracelets (Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus)

I have been inspired by the wonders of Venice during my recent travels there, and since my return I have been busily creating new pieces of jewellery that reflect the typical traditional colours and styles of one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Europe. I call these bracelets my ‘Micro Bracelets’, designed toContinue reading “Whispers from Venice – Micro Bracelets (Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus)”

Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge – Upward

This is my interpretation of this week’s theme ‘Upward’. It is a rather abstract view using the macro feature, of a the underside of a fern frond taken in my garden at the very late onset of spring this year. I love how delicate it is, and how it naturally spirals. – Click here forContinue reading “Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge – Upward”

Couture Peyote-Weave Poppy Bracelets

These peyote-weave bracelets are the gem of my collection, and my most popular design. Beautiful poppies drift along the bracelet radiating from the super-sparkly Shamballa and Swarovski beads that form the focal point. Very chic, high fashion, with a boho charm that never fails to draw the eye. I love making these wonderful seed-bead bracelets,Continue reading “Couture Peyote-Weave Poppy Bracelets”