Retro Peyote-Weave Daisy Bracelet

Inspiration The multicoloured flower pattern of this bracelet reminds me the colourful crocheted blankets I remember when I was a kid, the kind that your Nan used to knit! A recent trip to my mum’s took me down memory lane as I leafed through old craft magazines that I used to love looking at asContinue reading “Retro Peyote-Weave Daisy Bracelet”

Eye Eye!

What began as a fanciful idea in my head to create my first piece of bead embroidery has become a two month-long project so far in creating an entire neck-piece. I discovered the art of bead embroidery at the┬ábeginning of this year, and was so smitten with the idea that I began dreaming up designsContinue reading “Eye Eye!”