Piercing is not just for body parts!

One of the skills you are taught as a silversmith, in fact a smith of any kind of fine metal is piercing. Piercing is the term used for removing sections of metal with a very fine tooth saw. It is a very precise practise that takes some learning before you master it. It is theContinue reading “Piercing is not just for body parts!”


Bead Embroidered Neckpiece With Eye-Pendant

My first piece of bead-embroidered jewellery is now complete. With a few minor changes, in that I chose not to use the original clasp that I had been working on, photographed for my previous post ‘Eye Eye!’on the making of this elaborate neck-piece. Instead I fashioned a hook and eye clasp made from .8mm Sterling SilverContinue reading “Bead Embroidered Neckpiece With Eye-Pendant”

Retro Peyote-Weave Daisy Bracelet

Inspiration The multicoloured flower pattern of this bracelet reminds me the colourful crocheted blankets I remember when I was a kid, the kind that your Nan used to knit! A recent trip to my mum’s took me down memory lane as I leafed through old craft magazines that I used to love looking at asContinue reading “Retro Peyote-Weave Daisy Bracelet”

Moorish Lamp-Style Dangles

Inspiration for these earrings came from my second trip to the Alhambra in Granada, Spain last spring. One of my favourite places to visit and close to my heart. These exquisite earrings are reminiscent of the beautiful chandaliers found in the Kazbah in Granada the moorish capital of Spain, and the opulence of the silver-workContinue reading “Moorish Lamp-Style Dangles”

Fossil-stone Medal Brooch

One of a kind brooch inspired by WW1 medals and the notion that ‘love conquers all’, specifically based on the colours of the ‘Mons Star’. This piece also expresses my fascination and strong personal connection with European history at that time. This is also a very contemporary piece, in line with the recent military fashionContinue reading “Fossil-stone Medal Brooch”